New Business 

1. What are documentations required to participate in takaful?

You are required to submit a certified true copy of IC/birth certificate (if child), proposal form, e-confirmation form, customer fact finding and agent’s confidential report.

 2. I already have medical card in GELM, can I apply takaful I-Medik?

Yes, you can apply.

 3. Will GELM cancel my medical card if I apply I-Medik?


 4. Can I appoint myself as Trustee under Takaful?

No. Self trustee is not applicable for both muslim and non-muslim. In takaful practice, trustee will act as an executor only and will distribute the certificate money according to the Faraid Law (for muslim only) or Hibah (for muslim and non muslim).

5. Can I appoint anyone as nominee and trustee?

Yes. You may appoint anyone as trustee and nominee regardless of the interest.

6. When should the agent give a photocopy of the Customer Fact Finding (CFF) to his client?

The agent should give a photocopy of the CFF to his client before submitting the proposal, CFF and Confirmation of Advice (CA) forms to the Company for proposal registration.

7.Can a baby aged less than 1 month old be covered?

No. The minimum entry age is one month old.

8.Can a bankrupt participate in takaful?


9.Can the spouse or company applying for takaful coverage (as proposer) for a bankrupt?


 10.Can a pregnant woman participate in medical card and hospitalization benefit?

No. We will only consider medical card and hospitalization after one month of delivery.

11.Why is medical card being excluded?


•Child ANB below 1 month old.

•Pregnant female.

•Person covered having major health problems.

•Exceeded RM500 (adult) or RM 300 (child) per person inclusive of existing coverage.

•Staying or working oversea more than 90 days consecutively.

12.What is the mode and frequency of payment available?

You may pay your contribution either via Easi-Pay or GIRO on Monthly, Quarterly, Half-yearly, Annual mode or via cash/cheque on annual mode.(Note: For credit card (Easi-Pay) two months contribution will be deducted. For GIRO, two months contribution is required to be paid in cash.)

Note: The items listed may not be exhaustive and the Company reserves the rights to request for further information/documents.

If you are a customer kindly visit our Customer Portal at http://www.igetintouch.com.my. For agent, please visit our Agency Portal at http://www.i-greatpartner.com.my or contact our careline at 1 300 13 8338.


Customer Service

 1. Is investment-linked takaful meant for Muslims only?

No, investment-linked takaful is opened to any individual regardless of his/her religious belief.

2. How to Increase Sum Covered of my certificate?

You may fill up an application form for Inclusion/Addition/ Alteration of Assurance form (duly complete by Certificate owner).

 3.How to reduce reduction of Sum Covered

You may fill up an application for Amendment form (duly completed by the Certificate owner).

 4. What should I do if I want to change my nominee (s)?

You may fill appointment/ Change of Nominee and Appointment/ Change of Trustee(s) form. New application will supersede the previous /first application.

5. What are the document required for change of mode or frequency of payment

Document required:

a)Written request from the Certificate owner or

b)Request for Alteration form (duly completed by the Certificate owner).

 6. What is Easi-Pay Service?

The Easi-Pay is a facility for standing instruction of payment of contribution via Vias/Mastercard.

7. How can I make a complaint?

You may visit this link http://www.i-great.com/i-great/feedback.jsp

 8. How can I pay for my contribution?

You can pay your contribution either by cash, cheque, Easi-Pay (credit card), banker’s order or through the GIRO facility.

 9. Do I have to surrender my certificate if I decide to change the investment fund?

No, what you can do is to switch funds. However, fee is imposed.

 10. Would I be entitled for personal tax relief when I participate in investment-linked takaful?

Yes, you would be eligible for personal tax relief when you participate in investment-link takaful.

 11. Do you know that when you lapse or surrender an existing Takaful certificate in order to replace with another (by the same or a different Takaful operator) you will lose out?

•The new certificate is usually of a higher contribution based on the current age.

•You may need to pay extra contribution or be denied Takaful coverage if there are changes to your health.

•In most medical and critical illness policies, the waiting period (the duration when no claim is payable) resumes from the certificate issue date or reinstatement date, whichever is later.

12. What is Money Laundering?

Money Laundering involves transactions intended to disguise the true source of funds; disguise the ultimate disposition of the funds; eliminate any audit trail and make it appear as though the funds came through legitimate sources; and evade income taxes.Note: For further information(s) you may refer Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorism Financing Act 2001 (Act 613).

Note: The items listed may not be exhaustive and the Company reserves the rights to request for further information/documents.



1. What is a suicide clause?

This clause stipulates that no claim is payable in the event of death due to suicide, whether sane or insane, within one year from inception of certificate or from date of any reinstatement.

2. What is a contestable period?

Within the first certificate year, the Takaful Operator has the right to void the certificate due to non-disclosure, without the need to prove fraud or material misrepresentation.

3. Who can certify claims documents?

•Claims / Branch Officer

•Commissioner for Oaths

•Notary Public

•Advocate & Solicitor

•Justice of Peace

•Member of Parliament

•Ketua Balai Polis


•District Officer

4. How do I submit a Death Claim?

Death Claim Requirement List

•Death Claim Form

•Original certificate contract

•Death Certificate/ Burial Permit

•Statutory Declaration (if certificate/assignment is lost or destroyed)

•Deed of Assignment

Death due to Illness

•Doctor’s Statement

Death due to Accident

•Accidental Death Benefit Claim form

•Police report / Police Investigation report

•Post Mortem report

•Toxicology report (if applicable)

Foreign Death

•The Death Certificate has to be certified by the Malaysian Embassy or Consulate


•Proof Of Deceased’s Age (NRIC/Passport/Birth Certificate)

•Proof of Relationship between Deceased & Claimant (Marriage Certificate/ Children’s Birth Certificate)

•Letter of Authorization/ Consent (completed by the next-of-kin)

•Authorisation To Collect Claim(s) Payment Cheque(s)

5.What are the Activities of Daily Living (ADL)?

Activities of Daily Living are routine activities carried out for personal hygiene and health (eg. dressing, feeding, mobility, toileting, transferring and washing), essential to independent living.

6.What are the requirements for commonly claimed Critical Illnesses?


Medical Evidence


Histopathology report


CT scan/ MRI report

Heart Attack

Cardiac enzyme (Troponin T, CK, CKMB),

ECG,Echocardiogram report

Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery

Coronary artery bypass report,

Angiogram report & Echocardiogram report

Other Serious Coronary Artery Disease

Angiogram report & Echocardiogram report

Kidney Failure

Dialysis report, Ultrasound or CT scan report,

Renal function test, Urinalysis

Benign Brain Tumour

Histopathology report or CT scan/ MRI report

Brain Surgery

Craniotomy/ Brain surgery report, CT scan report

7. What Are The Common Reasons For A Takaful Operator To Refuse A Claim?

•Material non-disclosure.

•Certificate not inforce, eg.

•Lapsed after grace period (usually in the first three years of inception)

•Expired due to cash value exhaustion

•Suicide within one year of inception

•Hospitalisation or Covered Event took place within waiting period

•Event falls under an excluded risk,eg.

•Hospitalisation due to alcoholism or substance abuse.

•Event not within scope of coverage,eg.

•No hospital admission, only outpatient treatment

•Condition due to illness, and not accident

•Event occurred before certificate commencement date

•Disability or illness does not meet certificate definitions or terms and conditions

8. Where can I obtain the claim form?

Claim form is available in our Branches and Customer Service Centre. You may contact your servicing agent or our customer service at 1 300 13 8338 for assistance.

Note: The items listed may not be exhaustive and the Company reserves the rights to request for further information/documents.